Our Team

Claire Holloway Avella

As the Founder and President of Holloway Consulting, Claire has a vested interest in the success of her clients. Since launching Holloway Consulting in 2003, Claire has successfully coordinated fundraising efforts for a roster of prominent members of the U.S. Senate, including the Honorable John McCain and Joni Ernst. She has a proven track record in leading organizations and individuals to conceptualize, plan and direct successful fundraising campaigns and events that supersede the industry standards.

In the 2016 election cycle, Claire served as the Finance Director for the National Republican Senatorial Committee. In 2008, Claire served as the Deputy National Finance Director for the McCain-Palin RNC Victory Committee.

Her experience in assisting Republican incumbents and candidates is matched by the success she has achieved in helping political organizations raise money. This includes her current tenure directing the fundraising efforts for John Bolton PAC, John Bolton Super PAC and the Foundation for American Security and Freedom. With Claire’s leadership, these groups raised a combined total of $20 million in the 2014 and 2016 election cycles. In 2009, Claire served as Finance Director for GOPAC, which is comprised of a 527 national political organization and a 501(c)(4) Educational Fund focused on educating and electing the next generation of Republican leaders. Under Claire’s leadership, GOPAC increased major donor donations by 350% in four years. She also held the position of Senate Liaison for the 2005 President's Dinner fundraising gala in Washington, DC, as well as National Finance Consultant to Senator John McCain’s PAC, “Straight Talk America.”

Prior to establishing Holloway Consulting, Claire served as Account Director for a leading fundraising firm in Washington, DC that specializes in fundraising, event planning and Political Action Committee (PAC) development. While there, she learned the keys to leading effective fundraising initiatives by soliciting contributions from organizations and individuals for the firm’s high-profile clients including iconic Members of the United States House and Senate, the Republican National Committee and Bush-Cheney ’04 Campaign.

While maintaining her proud University of Georgia Bulldog heritage, Claire currently resides in McLean, Virginia with her husband, David, and their two daughters Emerson and Tinsley. Contact: Claire Holloway Avella.

Amanda Stewart Shell

Amanda joined Holloway Consulting in July of 2011 and serves as Vice President. She is responsible for overall project management for the firm. Amanda specializes in developing and implementing fundraising strategies for political organizations, individual candidates, issue-based organizations, and non-profit groups.

In the 2016 election cycle, Amanda served as Deputy Finance Director for the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Previously, Amanda has served as the Deputy National Finance Director for Newt Gingrich’s Presidential campaign. She has also held positions as the Director of Development for American Solutions for Winning the Future, Finance Director for the Karen Handel for Governor Campaign in Georgia and Regional Finance Coordinator for McCain-Palin RNC Victory Committee.

Amanda’s resilience, perseverance and dedication to meet the fundraising goals of her clients are truly noteworthy. She is an expressive thinker and innovative fundraising consultant, eager to exceed the objectives of her clients. Her dedication and commitment to exceed the goals of her clients makes Amanda a valuable asset to Holloway Consulting.

Amanda earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication from College of Charleston. A native of Atlanta, Georgia, she currently resides in Washington, DC. She has proudly been with Holloway Consulting since 2011. Amanda Stewart.

Julia Pilipenko

Julia joined Holloway Consulting in September of 2018 and currently serves as Staff Assistant. Julia holds a BS in Public Policy and Administration from James Madison University. Having grown up in the Shenandoah Valley, she is a proud lifelong Virginian and has been very active in local and state politics.

Previously, Julia interned for her local representatives, Senator Mark Obenshain and Delegate Tony Wilt. In addition, she gained experience by serving as Chairman of the JMU College Republicans and as Finance Director for the College Republican Federation of Virginia. Julia is fluent in Russian.She currently resides in Arlington, VA.. Contact: Julia Pilipenko.

Madison Lewis

Madison joined the Holloway Consulting team in August of 2017 and currently serves as a Staff Assistant. A graduate of the University of South Carolina, Madison earned her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communications.

Prior to joining Holloway Consulting, Madison gained fundamental knowledge of fundraising while interning for U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham’s presidential campaign. She then built upon her experience through internships involving local-level campaigns and later fundraising for state-level officials.

An avid equestrian, Madison can be found at the barn with her horse on most weekends. She currently resides in Frederick, MD. Contact: Madison Lewis .

Nicole Schoen

Nikki joined Holloway Consulting in May of 2018 and currently serves as a Staff Assistant. She has both campaign and Capitol Hill experience; having served as finance team member for the Joe Lhota New York City mayoral race and for U.S. Senator John McCain’s 2016 re-election campaign. In addition to campaign work, she completed a four month internship in the U.S. senate in 2017. She is a graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy, earning a Classics Diploma, and of American University with a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies. She speaks fluent Italian and has a working knowledge of French and Arabic. She currently resides in Arlington, Virginia.

Contact: Nicole Schoen.