Working with Holloway Consulting, you are in a position to secure the funding you must have.

Our approach is first and foremost in establishing strong relationships with our clients. By knowing and understanding you and your needs, we can look at all of the possibilities to engage potential donors or spark an idea for an event.

Building relationships is at the core of what we do. When combined with our passion and track record of success, you will receive the personalized attention you deserve and the expertise you need to develop and expand your network of financial supporters.

We work with you every step of the way and provide:

  • access to a nationwide donor database that we have invested a decade of resources and effort into building
  • unique profiles of giving histories, biographical and contact information to use as leverage in our fundraising assistance
  • experience at segmenting donor universes to know and understand them
  • insights into WHO is giving and WHY they are giving
  • counsel on how to present yourself to prospective donors
  • advice on building a relationship with prospective donors
  • guidance on strengthening your relationship with current donors
  • analysis on the issues/causes that donors care about to better understand what motivates them
  • proven methods of raising millions of dollars for candidates running for office, political committees, Super PACs and non-profit organizations